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Financial Services of JS Group

Financial Services of JS Group
a.      Commercial Banking
JS Group’s commercial banking activities are housed within JS Bank Limited (JSBL). JSBL puts forward range of commercial banking products and services and complete financial solutions to its clients. The services of JSBL include:
1.      ATMs, Visa Debit Cards and Tele-banking
2.      Depository products providing attractive returns to clients.
3.      Fixed Income and Money Market Sales
4.      Money Transfer services
5.      Short & Long Term Lending
6.      Underwriting & Debt Syndication

b.      Asset Management
Asset management at JS financial services is considered as practice of managing assets so that the greatest return can be achieved. JS Investments Limited (JSIL) is operating to provide the asset management services to JS financial. It was founded in 1995, and it is the oldest and one of the largest asset management companies in Pakistan with assets under management spread across various mutual funds, pension funds and separately managed accounts.

c.      Private Equity
Private equity finance is an asset class consisting of equity investments in operating companies that are not listed. JS Group has a successful, long term track record of unearthing and successfully developing investment opportunities in Pakistan and has led several successful private equity investments.
In 2006, JS Group launched JS Private Equity Fund. This is Pakistan’s first private equity fund targeting high-quality expansion capital and buyout investment opportunities within sector-leading companies in Pakistan.

d.      Investment Banking
Financing and advisory service of JS Group is provided by its listed stock brokerage and investment banking company named JS Global Capital. The business and advisory services include:
1.      Corporate finance and investment advisory services
2.      Equities and investment research
3.      Equities, fixed income and currencies brokerage

e.      Securities Brokerage
JS Group's securities brokerage business is run through JS Global Capital Limited (JSGCL). JSGCL is a market-leader in Pakistan's equity, fixed income and foreign exchange brokerage markets.

f.       Company Research
JS Group's research team is housed within JS Global Capital (JSGCL), which is a market-leader in the equity, fixed income and foreign exchange brokerage markets in Pakistan.
JS Research currently provides active coverage on 47 companies, representing more than 85% of the KSE-100 Index.  It has also, since 1991, been the exclusive provider of research and data on Pakistan to Standard & Poor’s emerging markets database and provides research to Bloomberg (type JSCL GO).

g.      Insurance
JS Group stands unique with its investment in closely related business sector i.e. Insurance. JS Group is the second-largest shareholder in the EFU Insurance Group, Pakistan’s largest insurance group.

h.      Islamic Banking & Finance
JS Group launched Islamic banking and finance services by establishing a premier Islamic commercial bank with the name of Bank Islami in 2006. Bank Islami Pakistan Limited was the first Islamic commercial bank to receive an Islamic Banking license under the new Islamic Banking policy of 2003.

i.        Micro Finance
JS Group views the Micro Finance sector as an essential part of its overall financial services portfolio to tap into a new market segment while acting in accordance with its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen.
Network Micro Finance Bank (NMB), Pakistan's third such financial institution, launched its services in 2004.  Network Micro Finance Bank is the first Micro Finance institution in Pakistan to be listed on a stock exchange (the Karachi Stock Exchange).

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